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Not all allergies will be on the warning labels waiting for you at the grocery stores. There are more potential allergens off those lists than on them. The warnings are for the most common life-threatening allergies. That means that those with other food allergies must be diligent in knowing where their personalised risks are. This starts with allergy testing and then moves into education and research. Since we are celebrating National Fried Chicken Day, let’s look at how many allergens could be waiting for you in a plate of fried chicken! The results may end up surprising you.

Chicken allergies exist

The primary ingredient of fried chicken is, well, chicken. So, you’ll need to determine if you have a chicken allergy. While it sounds strange, perhaps, you can have an allergy or intolerance to chicken meat. You can also have an allergy or intolerance to other chicken products, such as feathers and eggs.

A chicken allergy or intolerance isn’t as common as other food products. However, if you notice that you have adverse symptoms after eating chicken or eggs or have a negative association with feathers (such as down duvets or coats), then allergy testing could give you the information you need to adjust your diet properly.

Fried chicken could be risky

Ingredients In Fried Chicken That Could Cause Allergies. Peanut Oil, Sesame Oil, Sweet Basil, Garlic, Mustard.

Ingredients In Fried Chicken That Could Cause Allergies

The chicken itself isn’t the only thing that can cause a reaction if you participate in National Fried Chicken Day! In fact, many of the ingredients used in chicken could be risky if you have known or unknown food allergies.

The main danger is spices! Spices are used in many types of cooking, including chicken, yet spices contain many allergens. Spice allergies are under diagnosed, and allergen listings for spices are rare. Some of the most potentially dangerous spices and products in fried chicken include:

Peanut oil or sesame oil

Some sort of oil is used as part of the ingredients for fried chicken. While general restaurants may use canola oil or olive oil, many use peanut oil or sesame oil. Peanut oil offers extra salty flavour and extra crunch, whereas sesame oil is excellent for high-temperature frying. If you are allergic to peanuts or sesame, this is something to think about!

Sweet basil

Basil itself is common in fried chicken as one of the many spices used to help offer up an elaborate flavour. However, sweet basil is sometimes used, which is an unusual allergen. Sweet basil is a subtype of basil and has a different flavour and make-up to classic basil. While it’s great for a unique twist on fried chicken, it’s a potential allergen you might not expect.


Most people think of spices such as salt, paprika, and pepper for chicken. However, garlic is a common ingredient in most chicken spice packages. The main ingredient is the same, whether garlic powder, minced garlic, or garlic salt. A garlic allergy is uncommon but possible. Using garlic products will mean a stronger reaction since dehydrated products are more potent than classic products.


Mustard isn’t just for barbecue nights! It’s also for fried chicken in some recipes! It might be prepared mustard, but it could be a powdered product blended with other spices. The powdered product will be a stronger potential allergen like the garlic above. While mustard allergies are rare, too, they are possible and can be triggered by chicken.

As you can see, spice allergies can cause many problems when looking at something as spice-rich as fried chicken. If you have “strange” reactions to something like chicken, it might be worth your time to consider allergy testing to see if you have a spice allergy.

Can I still eat fried chicken if I have an allergy?

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If you know that you have an allergy to one of these spices or are concerned about it, you may feel as though fried chicken is off the menu for you! Never fear! You can still partake in National Fried Chicken Day! You just need to make it allergy-safe.

The best way to do this safely is to make your own spice combination to know exactly what’s going into the dry batter and the oil you use. It can also be fun to make your own spice recipe for chicken! To Understand all of this take an allergy test from Test Your Intolerance.

Regardless of how you want to celebrate it, National Fried Chicken Day is the perfect excuse to enjoy some delicious food and also take a moment to be aware of some of the most hidden and underreported allergies out there!