The Importance of Vitamin D Testing | Test Your Intolerance

Vitamin D is essential for our overall health and we need to keep the right level in our body to ensure we stay fit and healthy. It is vital for strong bones and those who don’t consume the correct levels of the vitamin over time can be more susceptible to certain diseases.

Vitamin D testing is vital if you want to gain a better understanding of your health. It will also identify whether you need to make changes to your diet to include more of this essential vitamin.

Why get tested?

The body produces vitamin D in response to the skin being exposed to sunlight. It also occurs naturally in some foods, including fortified dairy and grain products. However, many of us struggle to get the correct amounts in our body, especially during the winter months, when there is much less sunshine.

This is called a vitamin D deficiency and is associated with many diseases, including cancer, cardiovascular disease and other autoimmune diseases. Having low vitamin D levels will also leave you feeling tired, weak and struggling with mood swings. It can even make you more at risk of contracting COVID-19.

People who have dark skin, are over 65 or are not exposed to a lot of sunlight, are more at risk of a deficiency.

Vitamin D testing – how does it work?


A vitamin D test works by determining the concentration level of vitamin D in your blood. The easy-to-use, CE-approved testing kit is mailed directly to your door and should reach you within 1-3 working days. In the box, you will find full instructions on how to complete the skin-prick sampling process, which will take just 20 minutes.

When you get your results, anything less than 12 ng/mL will indicate a vitamin D deficiency and we would recommend immediate treatment. This is done through a careful intake of supplements, a change in diet and spending more time outdoors taking in the sunshine. A doctor may also prescribe specific vitamin D supplements, particularly if someone has certain risk factors associated with the deficiency.

If you wish to know more about the level of vitamin D in your system, order a vitamin D test kit online to better understand whether you need supplements or further medical advice.