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As part of Migraine Awareness Week, we are focusing on migraines, their symptoms and how they might be caused by an intolerance. Migraines present themselves in many different ways and are often managed with medications and remedies which help to ease them, although there is no specific cure. If your migraines are caused by food intolerances, then you should make sure that you are avoiding those particular items. 

There are some experiences which make a migraine easy to identify, such as constant head pain and sometimes nausea. However, there are others like the visual ‘aura’ which is experienced by many others. Other symptoms of a migraine include an extreme sensitivity to light, which means you can sometimes not even deal with the sunlight. The best cause of action recommended by many is to hide in a darkened room and take the relevant medication. If you are suffering constant migraines, then you should consult your Doctor or take an intolerance test, as they could be caused by food intolerances.

The Migraines are coming

Those who have suffered from migraines often claim they can feel a migraine coming, and that is because there is a variety of pre-migraine symptoms. It is often represented that if someone feels a migraine coming then they might hear a dull tone in one ear, and then experience an olfactory hallucination (smell something that is not there). Unfortunately, by the time these symptoms begin to present themselves, it is usually much too late to prevent a migraine from coming, and it is all about managing the symptoms and trying to cope with them in the best way possible.

Is there a way to stop them? 

There is no cure for migraines, however, there is a way that we can possibly stop the onset of potential migraines. This is by identifying our food intolerances and allergies. It could be that your migraines are being caused by what you are eating. Taking a food intolerance test may well stop this, as it will tell you what foods you have an intolerance to. From here, you can cut out potential problem foods and potentially stop the attack from coming altogether. a food intolerance can help stop your migraine

Take a food intolerance test today!

Of course, there are ways to try and tackle your migraine. Keeping a food diary and trying an elimination diet is a way that you can try and see what symptoms are causing you issues. When keeping a diary, you can monitor what is causing your food intolerance, as you can do with an intolerance test. If you do not get any migraines whilst you are avoiding the foods that your intolerance test highlighted, then it is most likely that you had a food intolerance to that particular item.

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