Are there winter food intolerances? | Test Your Intolerance

If you want to know whether you can suffer from allergies or intolerances in the Winter, the short answer is yes.  Food intolerances can happen all year, every year. However, we will go into detail to explain how you can identify your intolerances with an intolerance test, and how important it is to identify your allergies

Allergy Season

You will often hear people talk about allergy season in a variety of contexts. Usually, they will be referring to Winter and referencing the common cold, but allergies and especially food intolerances happen all around the world at every time of the year. You can make sure you identify what your, or your family’s food intolerances are by clicking here. In the summer, allergies are just as prevalent, and hay fever affects a lot of the population around the world. Because a food intolerance is caused by the food you eat, it may be that you just happen to eat certain foods at the same time every year, and this is why you experience the same symptoms at that time every year.

So, do you have winter allergies?

Quite possibly, you may just have a cold or a turkey intolerance. Plus, if you are allergic to pollen and hay fever wreaks havoc with your sinuses and social life, then you might get a break over winter. But, and it is a big BUT, if you have indoor allergies, they may appear every single winter. These include an allergy or an intolerance to mould or dust mites and these will appear more often in the winter because you are spending more time inside.

What causes food intolerances and allergy symptoms?

Food, usually, but the environment can also play a part in your intolerance symptoms. That is why you should order an intolerance test and find out the exact cause of your food intolerances. If you are experiencing a runny nose every time you go outside, don’t just assume it is a cold, it may well be a food intolerance and it is important that you find out the cause. Do you eat lots and lots of turkey around this time of year, it may not be a winter allergy that you have but it could be a turkey intolerance! Don’t let a turkey intolerance ruin your Christmas Day, simply find out if a turkey is the cause and ask for a special plate. We know you don’t want to be a nuisance but your symptoms will probably be more of a nuisance if you don’t manage and cope with them.

If you would like to know more about food intolerances and a possible turkey intolerance, please check out and find out exactly what is causing your symptoms. You can order a test here.