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There are a lot of very serious allergies out there that you should know about when trying new foods and adjusting your recipes to shake things up a bit. However, one of the most common allergies- the most common allergy itself, in fact- is a common-day ingredient that most of us wouldn’t even consider a potential health issue. On World Egg Day, let’s dive into the reality of an egg allergy and learn how allergy testing can make all of the difference in planning your meals with safety at the top of your mind.

Eggs are a big problem

In the UK, eggs are a breakfast staple and a crucial ingredient in most baked goods. With eggs and egg whites commonplace in many meals, can this allergy be a problem? Yes! This article explains that an egg white allergy is even more common than hay fever in causing an allergic reaction. It is considered the most common in Britain, with wheat and green beans ranking behind egg whites.

Why are egg whites so likely to cause an allergic reaction?

If you have an egg allergy, you are allergic to the protein in the egg itself. The protein is mainly in the egg white, and this makes egg white likely to cause an allergic reaction. However, that doesn’t mean the egg yolk can be eaten safely. It, too, contains protein. If you have an egg allergy, it’s best to avoid eggs in all forms.

While some children grow out of an egg allergy, not all do. Many people have to adapt to an egg-free diet for their entire lives to protect themselves from eggs.

Are egg allergies dangerous?

If you have an egg allergy or you are concerned that someone in your family might be, take a moment to read this section. While egg allergies are common, most tend to be mild. Common egg allergy symptoms are stomach pain, a tingling feeling in the mouth, or a raised rash. While these reactions are serious and important to avoid, they can do much to ease your mind if you are just adjusting to this allergy diagnosis.

Sometimes, egg allergies can cause delayed reactions. These can happen hours or days after the egg exposure. Common symptoms include diarrhoea, acid reflux, eczema flare-ups, and bloating.

This is part of why allergy testing is so important. If you are having delayed reactions, knowing what you are reacting to is challenging. A test will help you get clear, focused results to understand the problem and how to avoid it.

Are egg intolerances possible?

Sometimes, you will find out that you are not allergic to eggs but have egg intolerance instead. This form of indigestion happens when you eat eggs, and your digestive tract doesn’t have the required enzyme to digest them.

Are food allergies common?Some Items Made With Eggs

Are you feeling shocked about the prevalence of egg allergies? If so, you aren’t alone! It may prompt you to ask just how common food allergies are. Technically, food allergies can happen to anyone at any point in their life. Some are born with severe allergies and have had them for their entire lives. Others have many childhood allergies that they grow out of. There are even some adults who grow into allergies to foods that were previously fine. So, there is still much to be learned about food allergies.

One common connection, however, is that babies born to biological parents with allergies are more likely to have food allergies, too. If food allergies (mild or severe) run in your family, ordering allergy testing for your babies and children is a good idea. This is especially so if you notice a strange aversion to food or physiological reactions after mealtimes. It doesn’t mean your young one will have the same allergy as you, but rather that they are predisposed to food allergies.

What this means on World Egg Day

While World Egg Day is a great excuse to eat eggs, you don’t only have to celebrate that way. You can use it as an excuse to start learning about egg allergies and how you can still enjoy a full diet by using egg alternatives and modified recipes. Since it is such a common allergy, many recipe choices exist that are delicious and nutritious.

Now that you are all the wiser about eggs and their likelihood of causing an allergic reaction, use that to get the help and support you need to make more informed choices in your diet. It shows that knowledge helps you keep yourself safe from an unplanned allergic reaction!

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