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Problem Foods

A hidden evil, it’s increasingly difficult to identify food intolerances. Learning exactly which foods and food groups your body is intolerant to, is essential in taking control of your body. Helping you on your way, a Food Intolerance or Allergy Test is the perfect solution, we can analyse your sample against hundreds of intolerances and plenty of allergies.

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What do we test?

Making your choice simple, Test Your Intolerance test all the common foods, including Dairy, Milk and Eggs, Meat and Fish, Yeast, and these are tested by us around the world. Making choices simple, we have developed comprehensive, non-invasive tests which are available around the world, including the top 5 most common intolerances: Wheat and Gluten, Dairy, Milk, Eggs, as well as Pollen. However, it doesn’t stop there, we also analyse your sample for yeast, nuts, beans, herbs, spices, oils and drinks, alongside popular foods like fruit and vegetables and increasingly popular protein supplements.

The causes

The full Test Your Intolerance food intolerance test analyses your body’s reactions to foods, identifying the culprit that has been causing all these food issues, helping to set you on your way to a new healthier lifestyle.

Are you thinking that a food intolerance might be affecting the way you feel? This simple but effective test could set you on your way. Choosing from one of our tests, you can take that next step. Spoilt for choice, if you feel that a particular food is affecting your other half, or even the whole family, we offer tests which can test all of you, as you look to find out all of your food intolerances in one test!

intolerance testing

Boasting an impressive customer satisfaction rate, many of our tests have been popular with those looking to embark on a new healthy lifestyle. Some people like to start easy with an Essentials Test, looking to find out if it is a common food that their body is intolerant to. Not always finding the answers they are looking for, they then move on the Advanced Test, using the same sample with minimal extra effort, it is that simple!

The full Test Your Intolerance test is a complete program offering you a detailed report which analyses a wide range of items which you may have an intolerance to. These tests help you to take control of your body, and this can set you on your way to managing your own food intolerances.

Order now. Four easy steps.

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Choose from our range of blood and hair tests to suit your needs and order it online.

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We’ll send you a test submission form for your hair product to print and complete and a blood pack delivered to you.

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Take a blood or hair sample and post it back with your test submission form or blood kit.

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Get your comprehensive test report within 7-10 days of us receiving your sample.