We're fundraising!

We have chosen to support Rainbows Hospice* with special dedicated fundraising activities throughout 2017. Donating based on sales and raising money through events.

We will donate 5p per every test sold.

*Rainbows Hospice are not approving our products in any way.

“Just like everyone else, our children need a place to play, laugh and love life. A place where they and their families are cared for and supported. Welcome to Rainbows – the East Midlands’ hospice for children and young people.”

– Rainbows Hospice

Please visit www.rainbows.co.uk for further information.

Office events

We are doing various internal fundraising with employees.

We like to give back. So that’s why we hold internal charity events at the head office to raise money for our chosen charity, Rainbows Children’s Hospice. We’re always looking for new ideas, so if you have one let us know!

Special events

Our fundraising will extend to activities out of the office.

During this year we will hold many events that will encourage everyone at Test Your Intolerance to raise money. If you would like to support us when we’re out, then please get in touch and we’ll let you know how you can sponsor, donate and cheer us on!

I have been working with The Intolerance Testing Group for over 2 years and the experience has been amazing. They have great agent support. Emma and the team provide great personal attention, responding quickly to my needs along the way. I’ve had the honor to meet most of the team and they always stun me with their professionalism, knowledge, and their commitment to nurture collective growth for their company, agents, and clients by offering affordable testing with uncompromised service and sound results. These tests are a great tool in my coaching practice as an aid to helping my clients re-focus their path on the road to better health and happiness.

Mercedes Jalil

Integrative Nutrition Health, Wellness Hub

On doing some research I discovered locally in Cork Ireland about blood testing for intolerances. I went and gave blood and filled out a form. After 3 weeks later, I discovered that you had to have eaten the foods for an intolerance to show up! I was very disappointed as I had a feeling I was intolerant to wheat and yeast. I avoided both when I had the test and nothing showed up. I was extremely disappointed as I had paid €300 euro for the blood test.

I searched online for days and spoke to a few different companies about getting a test done. Most companies were very difficult and very expensive. That’s when I came across Test Your Intolerance and have never looked back. They are very easy to work with and are a fantastic company. All I can say is they saved my life and prolonged it which I will be forever grateful. I now also have a lot of clients who thank me for helping them feel much better – it has definitely changed people’s lives for the better! Thank you Test Your Intolerance.

Mary Rossiter

Healthcare Professional

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We're donating. Every sale helps give to charity.

Help us improve the lives of children and young people.