2020 Survey Review

At Test Your Intolerance, we take our feedback very seriously to ensure we offer a great service to all of our customers, whether you’re choosing our popular hair sensitivity testing or our newly developed IgE and IgG4 blood testing.

Starting in 2019, we developed our customer survey sent to every customer once they have finished their customer journey. If they have purchased from our site, completed their test, received their results and spoken to customer service, then they will have been sent this survey.

This Test Your Intolerance survey is designed to cover all aspects of the journey to ensure we offer the best service and continue to do so in changing times. We strive to ensure that we are the best in the business, and we are continually developing ourselves from your feedback.

Below you’ll find the highlights of our 2020 survey, which was completed by nearly 10,000 people worldwide.

92% of people recieved their test on time

We use our very own hair tracking system, which is activated as soon as you fill out the form to send in your sample.  Your bespoke order number is then trackable on our FAQ page, so you know when it’s in transit, when it’s here, when it’s being tested and when the results have been sent to you!

82% would recommend our tests

An increase in last year’s 80%, more people than ever that have used our test would recommend it to their friends and family. This is an accolade we’re very proud of because our service is so good that people want to shout about it. We also offer an exclusive ‘recommend a friend’ discount too, so it makes sense to tell people!

HealthSuite CRM

With our 2019 survey, we wanted to improve our communication times with our customers, so we developed our own CRM system. This GDPR approved system follows your journey from purchase to results and all communication in between to allow fast answers to any queries you may have.

New and improved information

You wanted more information available to hand, so we improved our ability to reduce queries. Our new FAQ page is now updated more frequently to allow us to answer more relevant questions more frequently. If we see a question come up multiple times, we can change your experience, so you have this information to hand.

As a global allergy and intolerance testing business, we want to understand more about the symptoms linked to both dietary and environmental issues. So we want to thank you for taking the time to fill out our survey, and we thank you for helping us to help more people understand their bodies.