Intolerance Survey Results 2021 - Test Your Intolerance

2021 Survey Review

We want to thank you for filling out our Test Your Intolerance customer surveys which are sent to everyone who used uses our service. This feedback is invaluable in allowing us to develop and grow in the areas you need us to.

Our 2019 survey and our 2020 survey have shaped our business in the way we grow to help you more. This year we added to our range, so now you can choose from a range of health tests health tests landing page that are available for at-home use, to get quick results on some key identifiers around your body.

2021 was a year filled with a global pandemic and Brexit, which meant, like most global businesses, we had to rethink the way we handled our worldwide distribution. We quickly opened our Australia and USA postal hubs, which allows us to send out our testing kits, and receive samples in record time and at a cost-saving for you. 

Below you’ll find the highlights of our 2021 survey, which nearly a quarter of our customers chose to complete.

4 out of 5 people saw an improvement in their health

For some people, our tests are the key needed to unlock optimal health. If your results can help shape your life for the better, it’s no wonder we’ve helped 1,000,000 people worldwide.

4.57 out of 5 overall rating

At the time of writing, our overall customer feedback as recorded by Trusted Shops is over 4.5 and contains real, honest comments from our hardworking customers. It’s no wonder we are Trusted Shops highest rated allergy testing company.

Healthy Stuff App

You spoke, and we listened; you wanted to take the results on the go, so we developed our Healthy Stuff App, which is now live on Apple Store and Google Play. This Free app will store your results on your phone or tablet but also allows you to track allergy news on the go.

Bespoke Lab

To help us stay at the forefront of testing and innovation, we invested £250,000 in a state-of-the-art, category three containment lab within our Healthy Stuff office. Bespoke to us, this testing facility allows our team to give you accurate results with a fast turnaround.

By discovering more about the reasons, you chose to complete a test and your satisfaction with the process, we can continue to develop our service and help you to heal your body. Don’t wait; make this the year you see better health.