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Don’t let a wheat intolerance affect you this summer. Our favourite time of the year usually brings BBQ’s, outside cuisine, exotic foods and general fun in the sun. It’s not all about food in the summer season, but it is important, especially if you have an intolerance to wheat. Fortunately, intolerance testing with Test Your Intolerance is now new and improved, and we can now offer a blood spot intolerance test.

This is more accurate than ever and will help you to identify your intolerances in the heat. What’s more, you have the option to try allergy and intolerance testing!

1) Wheat intolerance brings alternatives

Summer brings new foods and new intolerance symptoms. It can be difficult to find the perfect easy diet for you, especially if you are suffering from a load of intolerances. Not sure if you are? Take an intolerance test here. BUT, we are here to help. We do not just offer intolerance testing. We also offer amazing aftercare, which includes some recipes which are just right for you.

It is amazing if you have identified that you have a wheat intolerance to be able to call on some other alternative foods. Supermarkets and stores have adapted well to the rise in food allergies and intolerances. So with some brand new recipes, you can relax and enjoy! It’s time we made sure you enjoyed summer without missing out on some important minerals and vitamins. This will help to avoid wheat intolerance symptoms.

Being intolerant to wheat does not mean you should accept defeat. There are now so many alternatives that you can switch in and out!

2) What does wheat intolerance mean?

Some of the items that were highlighted on your report may have come as a surprise that you had an intolerance to them. Not to worry, there are now many alternatives to common food allergens and potential intolerances which you can find below. Research shows that up to 20% of people think they suffer from wheat intolerance.

Wheat is a commonly used ingredient in many products found on our supermarket shelves such as bread products, pasta, cereals, crackers and biscuits. There are a great variety of products available now. These are produced using alternative ingredients to wheat usually found in a free-from section of your local supermarket.

The second reason wheat intolerance isn’t the end of the world: The availability of supermarket products, as they cope with allergies and intolerances.

3) A surprising truth about wheat

In the UK, the number of people suffering from coeliac disease is relatively small, but the number of people suffering from gluten and wheat intolerance is higher. This is perhaps due to the rise in quality of intolerance testing, meaning people can now identify this. An intolerance test is also able to rule out a wheat intolerance. According to the Guardian, some researchers believe mass-produced food is the reason behind gluten intolerance.

A lot of people accept defeat when it comes to wheat, but there is no need. The gluten-free market has shown a 27% rise in sales in the last year. People are opting to cut wheat out of their diet even if an intolerance test has not stated wheat as an offending item.

This should be of some comfort to those with wheat intolerance. In fact, tennis star Novak Djokovic credited a gluten-free diet with turning his health around.

4) Your symptoms may be from something else

Yes, you may think wheat is what is causing your issues. Intolerance testing can help to rule out a wheat intolerance as the cause of your troublesome symptoms. Imagine if you cut out wheat but your symptoms don’t disappear. You could be missing out on some vital and essential minerals.

Eating a healthy diet and avoiding bloating and fatigue is something everyone wants, but it has to be done correctly. Not sure what is causing your bloated stomach?

Intolerance testing will help, along with 28 days of aftercare These are supplied to you after you receive your intolerance test results.

5) Intolerance testing can help

Even if your intolerance test has identified a wheat intolerance, it is by no means defeat. Our intolerance testing processes means that you will receive 28 days of aftercare. We send you 28 emails to help you cope with your symptoms. If you would like a bit more information about intolerance testing, or even food allergies then you can order your test below.

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