Are You Intolerant to Alcohol? | Test Your Intolerance

What do you think when you look at this picture? Are you already looking forward to your alcohol drink later today?

Unsurprisingly, there will be some people who have different reactions. Many people don’t drink because they simply don’t like it or have had a bad experience with it. Yet some people know that alcohol can cause them problems due to an intolerance which can cause immediate, unpleasant reactions.

The most common signs and symptoms of alcohol intolerance are a stuffy nose and skin flushing. In some cases, what may seem to be an intolerance is caused by a reaction to something else in an alcoholic beverage — such as chemicals, grains or preservatives.

In other cases, reactions are caused by combining alcohol with certain medications. Depending on the cause, complications of alcohol intolerance or other reactions to alcoholic beverages can include Headaches or Migraines, Low Blood Pressure, Nausea and Vomiting.

In our intolerance testing department we test for the sources of alcoholic beverages; grapes for wine, barley, corn, rye and potato for vodka and barley, hops and yeast for beers, ales and lagers. You can also send us a sample of your favourite drink to be tested as part of your five free extra samples.

So next time you reach for your favourite tipple, just think about what goes into it and what signs to look for!