Tackle Your Bloating Symptoms | Test Your Intolerance

WOW! What a Summer we are having. Everyone is out and about enjoying the summer sunshine, relaxing and enjoying the heatwave. For some of us though, reality has sunk in and we are not feeling on top form. One of the questions we have to ask you is whether bloating is causing you discomfort, both mentally and physically? Have you considered an intolerance test? Similar to an allergy test, we could help you to become a happier and healthier you.

If you are constantly battling against bloat and sickness, then the chances are you have an intolerance. To find out more about allergies and intolerances, you can take an allergy test or an intolerance test, but do you know what do after you have identified your intolerances?

1) Eliminate

If you have taken an intolerance test with Test Your Intolerance, then we have outlined you to that you have an intolerance to certain items, both food and non-food, depending on which test you chose. intolerances and what you need to do moving forward. If we have identified an intolerance to a certain food which is a major part of your diet, then we recommend an elimination diet. This will see you remove the offending foods from what you are consuming every day, and eventually, your symptoms will be reduced.

2) Drink

Drink lots of water, keeping you hydrated and refreshed. Flushing your body free of any toxins can rejuvenate your mind and lifestyle, Remember, water can help if you are experiencing intolerance symptoms such as constipation and bloat. Even if you are not the biggest fan of water, it can be a great help to your body, but you can always consume water in other ways. Eating lots of fruit and vegetables can be beneficial in this way, particularly as they are full of water.

3) Plan

Obviously, if you are having to make big changes to your diet, it will require you to plan ahead. This is particularly relevant if you are a family, as it will leave you planning your meals and taking care when buying products. Looking out for hidden ingredients, you must look closely at each product. Making homecooked meals could be integral to you feeling much better and leaving you with both a healthy mind and a healthy lifestyle.

4) Run

Don’t look back. Start exercising daily and leave those symptoms behind you. If you are now eating the right stuff and ignoring the potentially harmful foods, regardless of their delicious nature, then you will start to leave the bloat behind. If you want some good news, then you will be happy to learn that even a brisk ten-minute walk can relieve bloating. Exercise helps gas to pass through the digestive system quicker, and as this is a cause of bloating, this helps. It will make you feel better, faster.

5) Embrace

Embrace your new found body and lifestyle. Now you have the body confidence you have always craved and you confidently walk around, feeling happier about yourself when looking in the mirror. Having discovered your intolerances having taken an intolerance test and you are thinking about an allergy test, there is no reason why you shouldn’t embrace the new you.

If this sounds like something you would like try and you are considering an intolerance test or an allergy test, then head over to www.testyourintolerance.com and have a chat with our Customer Service advisors via LiveChat, they are always happy to help.