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All over the country, parents are preparing their children to go back to school… But there is one thing that is causing panic, and that is how will your child be able to cope with the rise in food allergies and intolerances. Are they suitably prepared? Do they know what to do with food intolerance? How can a food intolerance test help? Can food allergy testing help? There are so many questions, but also so many answers! Keep reading to see more about lactose intolerance also!

Whether it be a wheat allergy, lactose intolerance or gluten intolerance, parents will naturally be worried about what their child is going to do at school. Essentially, parents let their child out of their control when they head back to school. If there are that many airborne allergies around, or new school dinners, people will need to be prepared. Interestingly, Test Your Intolerance are writing this article as a new study has revealed the impact of social, emotional and financial factors of managing food allergies and intolerances.

For children who are ready to go back to school and are suffering from food allergies, there is a significant burden of food allergies on the families. At this time of year, the wellbeing of children is of paramount importance. We are just about getting over hay fever season and now people are letting their children head back to school and will not necessarily have full control over what they are eating or are being exposed to!

It is a very uneasy situation for parents. If a parent is not completely sure about their child’s food allergies and intolerances, then they may not be confident letting them back into the open world. People are especially cautious because of all the news stories that have broken in the allergy world recently. Due to these stories, people are becoming more aware of food allergies, as well as lactose intolerance, and the negative impact that they are having on others’ lives. They impact the life of not only children, but also adults with allergies, their families and also people who are looking after them. Lactose intolerance is scary, but it is manageable.

Think of it like this, your child, depending on their allergies and possible lactose intolerance may not be able to interact as other children may be able to. Severe allergies leave parents worrying about their children participating in social activities, going out to restaurants, and even birthday parties. If your child suffers from lactose intolerance and flatulence is a subsequent symptom, then as a parent, you will also be wary that you do not want your child to be embarrassed.

School holidays and parties can also be scary. When it comes to Easter or Halloween, but you know your child has an allergy to chocolate. You would be scared! Food intolerance or food allergy test can help though, and although we do not test for lactose intolerance, we can help you to manage it.

Essentially, Test Your Intolerance and other people in the allergy testing industry are keen to note the many disasters that appear to be playing on the minds of children and their parents. Going back to school is scary enough, but will only get more frightening due to allergies and intolerances.

Some of the key findings include the constant fear of accidental exposure to food allergens, as this causes heightened stress, which often leads to stress and anxiety, the feeling of being isolated in a social environment, and also depression! This is not only for the child but also the parents. Now you can see the detrimental effect that allergies can have on children.

In fact, according to a study by the AAFA, more than 50% of parents have reported that they are missing important school functions and have had to change plans, simply because of their child’s allergy. This sounds scary and stressful!

We haven’t even got to the costs of living with food allergies and intolerances yet, and this is something we will be discussing in next week’s blog. Keep an eye out on