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Make sure you become the best you can be with Test Your Intolerance. Whether it be an allergy test, an intolerance test or even a myDNA bundle, grab your tests today and feel a whole lot better about yourself. The good news is that you can grab a bundle and get all the health benefits you need in one simple click. You may not be as far away from being as healthy you as you suspect!

myDNA testing Kit

As part of our partnership with myDNA, we offer myDNA testing kits which help you to best understand your nutritional, exercise and caffeine needs. The test helps you to understand your diet, but also makes sure you don’t overeat and monitor your fat intake. Of course, the test doesn’t do this for you but gives you a perfect guide to help you understand your exercise needs. With myDNA helping people to make better health, wellness and lifestyle decisions you can understand, it is the perfect test to complement your intolerance and allergy test.

Intolerance Test Kit

Our range of intolerance tests gives people the perfect opportunity to improve their lifestyle and understand what items could be causing them pain. Our most popular intolerance test is the Advanced Test kit, testing 725 items, with the additional offering of a Nutrition, Metals, Gut Biome & Hormonal analysis. Making it easier for you, we do not send a test kit out to you, but simply ask you to download a submission form and then send us your hair sample. An intolerance test includes a 28 day follow up programme which gives generic nutritional advice, explaining how you can revolutionise your diet to improve your health. Feel better with an intolerance test today and utilise the recipes in our emails, which you may have to adapt around your intolerances.

Allergy Test Kit

Test Your Intolerance are delighted to offer our extensive Prime 110 Allergy and Intolerance test. This is our most popular allergy test and is different from the intolerance testing kit as it makes use of a small blood testing kit. This kit is mailed directly to your doorstep and contains all the equipment you need to complete your test. But why should you buy it? Well, if you are suffering from undiagnosed symptoms such as a bloated stomach, headaches and skin rashes then you will be desperate to get your hands on your intolerance test.

Understand more about your body and become a happier and healthier you with Test Your Intolerance. Improve your life today.