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Allergies are on the rise worldwide, and this is reflected in the medical industry, and experts are beginning to take notice. Development in science has resulted in the availability of home-lab food allergy test kits that can help you determine what your allergies are and manage them.

Food allergies bring up symptoms that range from minor to severe. Sometimes, food allergies can result in symptoms such as anaphylaxis which can be life-threatening. Knowing what foods we need to avoid can help prevent this from happening.

Even though sometimes you’ll only experience symptoms such as skin issues like eczema, they can be pretty inconvenient. Not knowing what causes these symptoms can result in cutting off many foods you suspect from your diet, leaving you with few choices.

At-home food allergy tests are a convenient and more accessible way to find the answers to your problems without visiting a specialist. It saves you time and money but also delivers the best results.

What is a food allergy?

A food allergy occurs when your immune system overreacts upon consuming certain foods as it believes these items are “harmful” while they’re not. When you consume a food you’re allergic to, your immune system gets triggered, producing histamines that flood your bloodstream.

Histamines and other antibodies produced upon consuming an allergen are supposed to help fight “harmful” substances like bacteria and viruses. But when these aren’t present, your body experiences inflammation, resulting in allergy symptoms that we often witness.

Are food allergy tests reliable?

Food allergy tests are reliable; you only have to look in the right direction. You need to find a test kit that partners with the best labs and manufacturers to offer you the best results you need to take care of your health.

Test Your Intolerance is a company that uses expert scientists to take care of your sample and check if you have any food allergies. When you get your allergy results, you’ll be sure your sample has been reviewed by the best in the industry.

IgE antibody blood tests are a convenient, proven method of conducting an allergy test, and that’s what Test Your Intolerance does. You’ll therefore get the most accurate results. Since these allergy tests are accurate, you can follow your results by tailoring your diet and eliminating foods that cause a certain reaction.


Which food allergy test is most accurate?

Test Your Intolerance Allergy Test is the most accurate as it offers ELISA IgE blood testing. This allergy test is simple as it only requires you to prick your finger and take the blood sample. Once at the labs, this sample is screened against at least 38 common allergies.

The thoroughness of the test ensures that nothing goes unnoticed, and you can have an accurate answer as possible. The test identifies the bloodstream’s immunoglobulin (IgE)levels when these 38 items are introduced.

These antibodies, known as IgE, are what your body’s immune system produces when fighting off harmful substances. This test is incredibly effective, simple, and safe. You don’t have to leave your home to visit a clinic, and you get detailed results explaining what you need to avoid and the adversity of some food items on your immune system.

What are 7 signs of a food allergy?

Symptoms of a food allergy vary from one person to the next. However, some symptoms are quite common and are indicators of a food allergy. These include:

  • Wheezing
  • Rashes or raised skin (hives)
  • Feeling dizzy or lightheaded
  • Tummy pain and diarrhoea
  • Swelling of lips, face, and eyes
  • Sneezing, blocked, itchy, and runny nose
  • A feeling of impending doom

When you experience extreme symptoms like wheezing, anaphylaxis, and feeling dizzy, it’s important to call emergency care. Such symptoms can be life-threatening, and it’s necessary to get immediate help.

Extreme allergic reactions require the use of an EpiPen if you have one. But if it’s the first time experienced an allergic reaction, your doctor will prescribe an EpiPen for future emergencies. Even after using an EpiPen, calling an ambulance for emergency care is still essential. {1}

Sometimes allergy symptoms reoccur after a few hours, which needs you to be in the hospital so that the doctor can take care of you and ensure that all these symptoms have completely subsided and won’t happen again.

What should you do if you think you have an allergy?

Suppose you’ve been having similar allergy symptoms to what we’ve mentioned above. In that case, you need to try and avoid foods you think could be the culprit and then take an Allergy Test. avoiding foods you may think caused you an allergic reaction will prevent it from happening again as you wait for your results.

However, if you have extreme symptoms, you can visit a doctor to get them taken care of before getting an allergy test to help you navigate your diet and avoid foods that trigger an allergic reaction.

In the case of allergic reactions, it’s easy to narrow down foods that could be causing you a response because it takes a few minutes for the allergy symptoms to show up. While avoiding all the foods you think might have triggered the reaction in the short term is essential, it’s not wise for the long term.

Eliminating too many foods from your diet can reduce the nutrients you consume, leading to malnutrition. However, having your allergy results helps you understand which foods you must avoid, and you can even talk to a nutritionist who will advise you on which foods to substitute.


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