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Do you want to enjoy the Summer without any feelings of nervousness, fatigue or just plain lethargy? Then you should try Bioresonance testing. Why? Because it can leave you having the greatest Summer of your life. Read on to find out more about food intolerances and what our tests can do to help. We can’t imagine many of you knew that eggs could do that?

1) A Bioresonance test can tell you what food you are intolerant to

Starting at the beginning, we must first determine what food intolerances are. It is important to note that they are not allergies, and there is a difference. Intolerances can occur when your body is unable to digest certain foods, either through overindulgence, overexposure or an ingredient which just irritates your digestive system. Intolerances can also be dealt with through avoiding the culprit foods or managing the amount you eat. This is why a bioresonance test is so helpful, as it can identify exactly which food is causing you harm and allow you to eliminate it from your diet. Eliminating this food will give you peace of mind this Summer, allowing you to tuck into BBQ foods and drinks without worrying about how your body will react. Sound good to you? It certainly sounds good to us.

2) Gluten Intolerances are common: You can identify it today with an Intolerance test

Gluten-free diets are becoming increasingly popular around the world, and it is clear to see why. People have reported feeling a lot better after eliminating gluten from their diet, as it has seen them cut down the bloat and have clearer skin. Gaining body confidence, dealing with a food intolerance has never been so food. If you do have an intolerance to gluten, then Bioresonance testing will identify this. If this is highlighted in your results, you will have to say goodbye to foods containing wheat, rye and barley (for a certain while at least). Our advice? Make sure to carefully check every single ingredient when picking stuff up off the shelves for next week’s BBQ. It could be a life-changer and stop you having to leave early because your body has reacted to gluten-based foods you have cooked.

3) There’s no way I can be intolerant to eggs, is there? We can find out for sure.

Eggs? Surely not? When going out for a family picnic, one of the most commonly picked foods is an egg salad. Want to set yourself up for the day and give you the energy boost you need? Egg on toast is the perfect solution. Are you experiencing stomach pains and want to settle your tummy by eating scrambled eggs? This could actually be harming you. The incredible egg has many nutrients, mainly in the yolk, however, it can be an issue for some people. Our bioresonance testing will able to identify if you have an intolerance to eggs or not. If you do, you’ll have to carefully watch what you are eating, including eating burgers, salads and all other foods which generally contain eggs. An egg intolerance can cause fatigue, bloat and lumpy skin, so it is best to deal with it.

4) Worried about going out with lactose intolerance? We can help

If you think that you suffer from a lactose intolerance, and you are constantly worrying about it, then you are not going to enjoy your Summer, you just won’t. Not to worry, our bioresonance testing process will identify the causes of your problem and help you to enjoy the summer you deserve. If you take a test with us, we will tell you whether or not you have an intolerance to lactose products. So, if you are experiencing flatulence and struggling with diarrhoea when lying outside in the park or sunbathing on the beach, we can help you to stop these happening. How good does this sound? We recommend eliminating lactose-based products from your diet, and our tests will have told you exactly which foods to avoid. So get out there and enjoy the Summer you deserve!

5) A Bioresonance test can put your mind on the beach rather than constantly worrying.

Put your mind at rest this Summer with a Bioresonance test. It is honestly one of our main pieces of advice, and our customer satisfaction rate of 99.5% helps to prove this. It can help, so let us help you to take control of your body this Summer with our thorough bioresonance testing process. Constantly worrying about our body’s reactions to certain foods can often ruin our day and sometimes, the whole Summer. Hopefully, you can now relax and enjoy the Summer you truly deserve.

If you do want to know more about our bioresonance testing process then please do head over to and find out more today. Our customer service advisors are always happy to help and operate on a 24/5 basis, meaning you can get all the help you need.