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Wanting to mix up your diet? Well, Test Your Intolerance have come up with some quick and easy ways that you can do this, whilst also getting rid of any intolerance symptoms that you might be experiencing. So, get rid of that headache, runny nose or bloated stomach with an intolerance test and a change of diet!

Winter Foods

Struggling to come up with healthy, warm foods that would be ideal for consumption this Winter? Look no further than mashed potato! The weather is suddenly freezing and that extraordinary British summer seems so far away now! However, with the long dark evenings, it would be no surprise if you were to consume 90% carbohydrates and cover everything in warm and hot sauces like gravy.


The issue is, is that this may feel amazing at the time, but indulging in a lot of comfort food can leave you with a bloated stomach, headache or a runny nose, or just leave you feeling sluggish. So, what are the best foods to eat this Winter? We’ll start with a nice and warm broth which can heat you up just in time for Winter. Bursting with nutrients, this is a perfect Winter treat.

The sweet smell of success

Everybody loves mashed potato but it might not be very good for you, especially if you have an intolerance to some of its ingredients. Simply swap mashed potato for sweet potato mash and never look back! Sweet potatoes are not only delicious and are becoming increasingly popular, and they are also very tasty! So, aside from wrapping up warm, make sure you are well placed with your foods to push away those intolerances and live a happier and healthier life! If you have a bloated stomach, then this food intolerance could well be a reason!

Saying goodbye to headaches, stomach aches, and a bloated stomach!

If you suspect that you may have a food intolerance then please do not hesitate to log on to and order your intolerance test today. In our blog section, we also provide hints, tips, and advice on how to best deal with your intolerances. Say goodbye to that headache or bloated stomach with a change of diet and an intolerance test today!