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Food intolerances can affect the way people live both their work and social lives. At Test Your Intolerance, we operate with a dedication of helping our customers to be both happy and healthy! We encourage our customers to leave us reviews on our facebook page or to email us their experience of doing a food intolerance test. Last week we bought you a customer who was very impressed with their intolerance testing results and they told us how good they felt after they had done an elimination diet. Check out another of our customer’s recent reviews we received below:

Why I ordered a food intolerance test!

I decided to order a food intolerance test because I simply could not get rid of my headaches, my fatigue and on that morning I even developed a skin rash. I felt rubbish and after googling all the symptoms I thought that I might have a food intolerance. Therefore, I decided the only rational option was to order an intolerance test and see what happened…

I was shocked to be honest with you when I received my results. I completely disagreed with them and ignored them. They said I had a wheat intolerance which I couldn’t believe was true as I always eat bread. I continued to experience my symptoms and so eventually I went back to my results and decided to try an elimination diet which they often suggest you do if you have a food intolerance.

From that day, I removed all wheat from my diet, and suddenly I started to feel better. I was sceptical and upset because almost all of my meals contain wheat. But the tests were right, my symptoms began to subside and I felt so much better. It was around Christmas time when I started to feel rubbish, and I felt as though I had overindulged, so it probably is that I had a food intolerance. A food intolerance test was exactly what I needed to make myself feel better and I felt on top of the world when I went to my office Christmas party! (Not the day after) 😂!

For more information on getting hold of your own food intolerance test please log on to and check out our tips, advice and information pages. Become a happier and healthier you with Test Your Intolerance.