Allergies can be challenging, and for some people, they can be life-threatening. While allergies are making life miserable for millions of us, scientists are still debating whether they exist or not.

Never Ending Complications

Some people have pollen allergies while others are allergic to pets. The list of allergies is long, and any list would be non-exhaustive as certain allergies are confined to specific regions across the globe.

According to estimates, about 100 people die due to allergic reactions each year [1], and this is considered this number to be an underestimation. Allergies can flare up under certain conditions, and not knowing about their management can prove fatal.

People have different levels of intolerances against food and non-food items. A certain amount of allergen might go unnoticed by some, while the same amount triggers a violent reaction in others, for example latex[2].

Allergies and Intolerances are more common than one might think. Here are some of the commonly used things that can lead to an allergic reaction.


Knowing about your undiscovered allergy can help solve countless problems like a stuffy nose or difficulty in breathing at night. These common problems are often overlooked but are largely due to allergic reactions.

The right diagnosis will help you manage these problems efficiently. You’ll know what to avoid and what measures to take should any untoward incident take place.

Common Food Sensitivities

The most common food sensitivities noted these days are:

  • Peanuts
  • Fish
  • Tree nuts
  • Fruit
  • Shellfish
  • Wheat
  • Milk
  • Egg
  • Sesame

Risks Involved

Coming in contact with food allergens can cause asthma symptoms and can even lead to cardiac diseases if the allergen is not removed or the exposure is not controlled. Other allergens can trigger uncontrolled itching or even swell up the airways constricting airflow to the lungs. Insufficient knowledge about the allergy, its flare-up, and its management can even lead to death.

Do I Have An Undiscovered allergy?

There is no right answer to this question. The way the world is progressing, it is possible that some people might have an allergy towards a foreign particle that is introduced into their system due to travel or coming in contact with a traveller.

You may or may not have an allergic condition, but waiting out to find it out naturally is not recommended at all. If the allergy is detected or diagnosed at a point where help isn’t available, it can take hours to even find out what kind of allergy you have.

The best bet is to make sure your medical records are up to date, and you can take the Test your Intolerance allergy test to detect what kind of allergy you have.

Updating your medical records and keeping tabs on your allergies allows you to live your life to the fullest without compromises. Knowing about your allergy helps manage it should the symptoms flare up.

At Test Your Intolerance we have a range of blood tests designed to help you to understand your body and answer if you have an undiscovered allergy. Choose one of our huge ranges of tests or reach out to our 24/7 LiveChat now with any questions you may have.

1 Fatal Anaphylaxis: Mortality Rate and Risk Factors

2 Latex allergy