Intolerance & Allergy Symptoms | Test Your Intolerance

At some point in your life, statistics have shown that at some point, you will discover that you have a food intolerance or an allergy. And with a food intolerance/allergy, also comes some potentially embarrassing symptoms! No one likes to be embarrassed and this is why intolerance testing or allergy testing can be extremely beneficial to you.

Allergy Testing and embarrassing symptoms

Whether you are at work, at a party or simply just at home with your significant other, you will sometimes have stomach issues due to something you ate. You could come up in a rash which you find embarrassing as it affects your confidence. You could also feel sick in front of someone else. No one would like to experience these symptoms, but not everybody knows how to manage these symptoms. This is where allergy testing can help you, as can intolerance testing. But do you know how or why you are experiencing these embarrassing symptoms?

Is it natural?

For some, being flatulent, struggling with a dodgy tummy or experiencing unbearable headaches are just a natural part of life, particularly if they suffer from IBS. Openly admitting that you have a food allergy or intolerance often leads to someone feeling more confident in themselves, and their symptoms do not become embarrassing, because it is natural. However, some people are embarrassed by their flatulence, and want to find out how to alleviate this symptom. Allergy testing and intolerance testing can be the first step to discovering how to feel more confident in yourself.

The next step

If you have taken an intolerance test or an allergy test and have learnt that you are allergic to a food item, then you know that this is what you need to remove from your diet. Of course, if it is an allergy, then this could be life-threatening and should be taken very seriously rather than just a way of avoiding embarrassing symptoms. Consulting your health and medical professional is the first port of call after you have discovered that you may have an allergy thanks to allergy testing.

Manageable symptoms

On the other hand, if you have a food intolerance, then this can be serious, BUT they are more manageable. At Test Your Intolerance we would recommend an elimination diet to help you remove the foods which are causing your symptoms. You will no longer have to worry about meeting someone and living in fear of breaking wind or suffering from a dodgy stomach on a meal out. Intolerance testing can set you on your journey to becoming a happier and healthier you. Removing that food from your diet for 6-8 weeks may seem hard at first, but with our 28-day follow up and encouragement, it is manageable. Find out more on our website about how we can help support you after intolerance and allergy testing.

Find out more

Find out more about coping and managing your symptoms by checking out our allergy tests and intolerance tests here. If this sounds like something that you struggle with or are interested in, then Test Your Intolerance would love to set you on your way. If you know someone else who is also suffering from a food intolerance or a food allergy, then check it out how we can help today.