Understanding a Pollen Allergy | Test Your Intolerance

Spring has arrived in the UK, which is great for most of us, but for those suffering from hay fever (pollen allergy), it is awful! Lots and lots of individuals will be now be considering and ordering an allergy test amidst the indifferent weather conditions, as they aim to battle hay fever and the subsequent symptoms of an allergy and intolerance.

So, with Test Your Intolerance and our new blood spot allergy testing kits, you can learn whether or not you are suffering from an allergy or an intolerance, meaning you are able to manage your symptoms of an allergy a lot easier. Although allergies cannot be cured, they can be easily managed. So, with temperatures on the rise again (hopefully), if you are planning on making the most of Spring and Summer, it is best you prepare for it with allergy testing.

Spring and Summer allergies

As temperatures begin to soar and we look to deal with the heat that we are struggling from, sunburn or any other allergies may be the least of your problems. Usually associated with rain and clouds, this Summer is potentially going to be a drain for many of us due to Hay Fever. That shouldn’t be right though, we should be able to manage our allergies and swish around with our friends outside with any worries! Now more than ever is the perfect time to offset those fears with an allergy test from Test Your Intolerance.

Pollen allergy in the Spring and Summer

Fighting against your pollen allergy or (any other allergy) with an allergy test will enable you to enjoy those light evenings we spend half the time thinking about! This does come at a cost though. With the sun blaring down on us, we are more likely to be spending time outside. This will most likely see us interact with pollen. With pollen count already at its highest between March and September, this will only aggravate your allergy. When ordering an allergy test from Test Your Intolerance or an intolerance test, then you will be able to understand a lot more about your body and learn how to manage your symptoms.

Hay Fever – When it appears

Ultimately, what can be our best friend can also be our enemy. By all means, enjoy the sunshine (when it arrives!), but please do be aware of the environment you are in. Be prepared for what may come your way and learn the tricks when dealing with hay fever. The UK is a lovely place to be when the sun is shining, but our typical indifferent weather has seen the perfect conditions for a sharp rise in pollen count, affecting almost all of us with a pollen allergy, and even those without one.

Pick up an allergy test from Test Your Intolerance today and enjoy the summer you deserve.