How to live with pet intolerances - Test Your Intolerance

We intolerance test over 600 different items, ranging from tree pollen to fruits and many others in between. But sometimes there is a product which you want testing that we do not offer. What happens if you want your specific pet hair testing against your own sample to see if you are intolerant? When this happens, we offer a completely free service that allows you to enclose up to five extra items in separate bags and we will test them against your hair sample to see if there are other intolerances.

Unfortunately, pet allergies don’t only come from pet hair, it can come from the skin (usually known as dander), urine or saliva. This means the allergens can attack from many different angles and also cause all manner of symptoms.

How to live with pet intolerances if you have pets:

  • First and foremost, you will need to avoid being around new and unknown pets
  • Wearing a mask can alleviate symptoms in severe sufferers
  • Regularly clean furniture; it can house all manner of hairs
  • Actually have LESS furniture; less furniture means less problems
  • Change your mattress annually
  • Use a vacuum with no bag and clean with a wet cloth after usage
  • Avoid owning products like teddy bears, pillows and other fabric covered items as these can all cause problems

Pet allergies can affect you in the strangest of places, as anywhere pet hair can reach, intolerances can reach too. For example, you may have no pets and then go to work and suddenly suffer intolerance symptoms: runny & itchy eyes, blocked nose and trouble breathing. It turns out you could be intolerant to your coworker‘s cat, your boss’ dog or your cleaner’s horse!

It may appear that a pet allergy is a constant battle even with today’s antihistamines and other drugs around, but this needn’t be the case. Some simple forward planning, a clean home and pet avoidance can leave you breathing free and feeling fine. Why not order a test from the UK’s most comprehensive online intolerance testing company today?