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There are many people in the United Kingdom who are intolerant to certain types of food. Just think about the people who have a lactose intolerance. You never know, it may even be you! The way you can find out is with a test for food intolerance.

Identifying your food intolerance

Of course, this is not so pleasant for many of us, as if you have an intolerance then you cannot eat everything that other people eat. For many people, it is not so easy to know what kind of intolerance they have in everyday life without a test for food intolerance. Without this test, it is more of a guess than an observation.

Now though, thanks to Test Your Intolerance, this is a thing of the past, as we have a test with which you can see if you are intolerant of certain foods. This can be done by testing just one strand of your hair.

How does a test for food intolerance work?

Hairs can you tell everything. This makes it possible to paint a picture of the person, which makes it ideal for research to see what a particular person really should not eat. So, it is useful to know whether milk is a problem or not. If you know it, then you can adjust your diet accordingly.

Having adjusted your diet, you will hopefully see your symptoms subside. For example, you will be complaining a lot less than you were, as you will no longer be eating a food that you are intolerant to. Dreaming of what this feels like? There will be no more food intolerance symptoms! So, what are you waiting for? Go and take a test for food intolerance!

How to take a test

The instructions when taking one of our tests are simple. Following a test is really easy, as the only thing we need is your hair which you can send to us in a plastic bag from all around the world. Through the hair, we are able to see what kind of food intolerances you have, and on the basis of this, it is possible to outline the picture completely.

There are a wide variety of food intolerances, and so it is important that you take a test for food intolerance in order to look forward to a brighter future. Eliminating any foods that you are intolerant to is extremely beneficial, and can prevent many complaints in the future.

Feel free to request more information or look here on for more info. This way you can better adjust your personal diet to suit your needs.