Test Your Intolerance Welcomes Another Year With The CMA - Test Your Intolerance

Test Your Intolerance is proud to announce our recent renewal of another year of membership with The Complementary Medical Association (CMA). This yearly partnership provides a strong and reliable bond between the Test Your Intolerance team and the dedicated professional team at The CMA. This renewal creates a wonderful opportunity for professionalism, innovation, and camaraderie, making this decision the best one for us.

What is The CMA about?

Since 1993, The CMA has been dedicated to bringing together the best complementary medicine professionals and suppliers. This helps connect one with the other and presents both to the general public for the benefit of all.

Believing in many approaches to the medical field, The CMA dedicates time to alternative and holistic care. It also focuses on working with traditional medicine so that both can come together for the best future in medicine.

Across its website, you will see a wide variety of partners, suppliers, and approaches to medicine for this reason. The CMA continues to be an informative hub where medicine-focused minds can come together. This helps create unique approaches to a future where medicine is available to every reader.

How does this renewed partnership benefit Test Your Intolerance?

The ethics and values of The CMA are top-notch, and we are honoured and proud to enter into another year of partnership with them as a supplier. Some of the main benefits that we are looking forward to include the following:

Benefits Of Working With The CMA

  • Collaboration with other medical professionals
  • Access to medical practitioners and other professionals in the medical field
  • Exposure to fellow medical professionals and readers

The CMA creates a welcoming, safe, and inclusive space where those in the medical industry can get to know each other. It is also a space to network, educate ourselves and one another, and enjoy cooperation when possible.

A prosperous year to come

With more and more people learning about The CMA and its role as an invaluable resource, we are all hopeful for an exciting year of networking and cooperation. Here at Test Your Intolerance, our goal is to provide our tests to anyone on the hunt to improve their lives in a small yet significant way. The CMA has a similar approach, which will help bring both mentalities to the forefront this year.

The other detail this renewal helps show you, our readers and followers, is that we are dedicated to doing things “right.” We find it encouraging to partner with not only an organisation but also its fellow members who think much the same way. This is a part of our commitment to you so that you can continue to put your trust in us for the right reasons.

Where can I learn more about The CMA? You can learn more about this wonderful and inspiring organisation through the official CMA website. You may find information, practitioners, or suppliers for healthcare needs you never knew existed! If nothing else, you’ll enjoy catching up on the most recent medical news, so you’ll never miss a detail on the topics you care about!

We are looking forward to another year of professionalism and cooperation. Not only will this be a great move for our reach, but it will mean full transparency for you, too.