Cris Wootton

Managing Director

Education Leeds Metropolitan University

Credentials BA (Hons)

Personal History

Cris Wootton joined Test Your Intolerance in 2019 with a background in hotel management of a spa complex in Spain, and a PR Company. Heading up the marketing department at Test Your Intolerance means that he works with a team of talented web developers to work on website improvements, faster-testing systems, and 3 bespoke health apps.

Posts by Cris Wootton:

Test Your Intolerance Welcomes Another Year With The CMA

Test Your Intolerance Welcomes Another Year With The CMA

Test Your Intolerance is proud to announce our recent renewal of another year of membership with The Complementary Medical Association (CMA). This yearly partnership provides a strong and reliable bond between the Test Your Intolerance team and the dedicated professional team at The CMA. This renewal creates a wonderful opportunity for professionalism, innovation, and camaraderie, […]

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Bioresonance Testing Explained

The environment we reside in today is full of toxins and other environmental stressors like pesticides, EMFs, toxins, radiation, plastic, and chemicals in our foods and drinks. These pollutants often cause a disruption in normal biological processes and lead to the loading of toxins in our systems. Of course, the body can naturally cancel out […]