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Sometimes, no matter how healthy your food is, it can make you sick. Intolerance tests allow you to better understand your body’s sensitivities and enable you to live a compromise-free life. Intolerance tests are safe and usually use the skin prick method to collect a sample for testing.

An intolerance test is an inexpensive way of understanding your body’s chemistry. Food intolerances are not permanent and will fade away on their own, but travelling with an unknown allergy or intolerance can prove to be very costly. When travelling, you will eat different foods, some of which aren’t prepared with the same ingredients that your body is used to, which could result in food intolerance.

The more you eat a food that you’re intolerant to, the more severe your symptoms will manifest. So, let’s say you go without knowing that you’ve become intolerant of your favourite food, you will keep having intense symptoms. If you eat a little of the food you’re intolerant to, the symptoms won’t be as fierce. The symptoms will become more intense if you increase the quantity.

Medical care and hospitalization abroad can cost you thousands of pounds, making an intolerance test a must if you’re a frequent traveller or just as a precaution. So, where can you get a quick intolerance test?


Intolerance Test Kits

Food intolerance takes time to manifest. It can take a few hours up to days to see the symptoms. By then, you have already eaten other foods, and you won’t know exactly which one of the many meals you’ve had has resulted in intolerance. Blood tests are used to check for intolerance and test the level of IgG antibodies in your system because when your body is fighting something it considers “harmful” it produces these antibodies. The sample you send back to the lab is tested against various common foods known to cause intolerance, then the doctor’s know the results through the number of antibodies your blood fights back using.

Immunoglobulin G (IgG) can help diagnose whether an individual is allergic to certain food products [1]. The medical field has come up with inexpensive intolerance test kits that can provide quick and convenient testing.

Intolerance test kits can be bought online or through NHS-approved retailers. Healthcare companies like Test Your Intolerance use innovative methods to test a single blood sample for more than 100 different allergy tests, providing you with a comprehensive profile of your allergen tolerances. The kits safely store your samples so that they are free from any unwanted microbes, and medical professionals can then run different tests to diagnose your allergies or sensitivities.


How to Use an Intolerance Test Kit?

Pricked finger to get sample for testing

Pricked finger to get sample for testing

Unlike allergies, intolerances take time to manifest, and once you notice the symptoms coming back, it means there’s a food you have developed an intolerance towards, and you should get yourself a kit.

Intolerance test kits are simple, and if you have any familiarity with a blood sugar test, this will take less than a minute. An intolerance test kit can be ordered through Test Your Intolerance.

Once the kit arrives at your doorstep, you’ll find all the necessary things and stuff inside the box. You can prick the skin and collect a sample for testing, which can be safely sent to the labs through the mail. When taking your sample, ensure you read all the rules in the manual to ensure you don’t contaminate everything.

The labs return the results within seven days, and you can also access the results from the convenience of your couch. The intolerance test doesn’t hurt and is declared safe by the NHS. [2]


When Should I Take An Intolerance Test?

There is no right time to take an intolerance test, but if you suspect that your symptoms are pointers towards a specific allergy, then an intolerance test can provide a quick and simple diagnosis. Food intolerance symptoms can easily interfere with your daily life, deteriorating the quality of your life and even preventing you from being very productive.

Suppose you’re facing chronic constipation, diarrhoea, shortness of breath, eczema, unexplained headaches, abdominal pains, or even excessive wind production. In that case, the chances are that you might have an intolerance towards a specific food item. You can read more on common food intolerance symptoms. A repeat of these symptoms every few days could cause a lot of interruption in your life, and it’s best to get an intolerance test. It’s the only way to know precisely which foods are causing you to have intolerance and eliminate them in your diet.

You can take the inexpensive test for a few intolerances or the comprehensive one covering 100 different allergens. This comprehensive test allows for complete profiling of your current health condition and will allow you to manage your allergies safely.

If you keep eating foods that your body is rejecting, the food you’re intolerant to, it might not result in anaphylaxis, but it could lead to symptoms of a food allergy. The more you keep eating foods that cause intolerance, they will damage the lining of your intestines, which will prevent you from absorbing nutrients you need from your food.

Once you know what foods you’re intolerant to, eliminating those foods from your diet is the next best thing to do. You can always consult with your doctor if these foods are a significant part of your diet. Your doctor will help guide you about which foods should replace the ones you’ve eliminated to ensure you don’t miss essential nutrients in your diet.


Intolerance Test Services

While Test Your Intolerance offers the most comprehensive testing for the highest number of items, at the cheapest price. if you want to look for other health services offering intolerance testing, these are the top 3 services available right now.

  1. Test Your Intolerance
    • Worldwide, Allergy and Intolerance Test, 117 items, £135
    • USA Only, Seasonal Allergy test, 10 items, $159.
  1. EverlyWell
    • USA Only, Sensitivity Test for 96 items, $159.



Understanding your health is extremely important for living a healthy lifestyle in the 21st century. It’s important to look into your chosen testing company’s history, its reputation online, and its testimonials to ensure that the results you get are trustworthy. Once your implement the changes into your life, you can start to live without worry as you have science and a diagnosis on your side. Take the test, make the change, now.


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