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Food Intolerance Test Reviews are often misleading, with all the different manufacturers and test labs promising high claims. While some claims are misleading, sometimes the individuals taking the test also contribute towards misleading reviews as they are disappointed about not finding an allergy.

Test Your Intolerance has always maintained transparent privacy and customer policy, and we disclose all important details before any individual takes the test.


Test Your Intolerance Promise

Test your intolerance makes use of industry-leading methods and processes to ensure that all tests are done in medical-grade protection, and we strive hard to maintain the privacy of all our clients. As a leading health brand offering tests all over the world, we always have to use the latest equipment to ensure as much accuracy as humanly possible. Our blood testing equipment is used and endorsed by experts worldwide, meaning you’ll be receiving the best service from us. Our testing centres also follow the Good Laboratory Practice to help you live your healthiest life.

When you order your first test with Test your Intolerance, your package contains the necessary things you’ll need to perform the test, and there are no hidden charges or payments.

The website contains all the relevant information about a test and clearly explains how one test can be better than others at diagnosing intolerance or allergies. Some tests are cheaper and use less reliable methods to test for certain conditions.


Test Your Intolerance – Proud Testimonials

Test your intolerance leaves no stone unturned to bring you the best of the testing facilities that will allow you to better understand your body and manage your sensitivities and intolerances.

From Amazon to Google and Trust Pilot, we’re always looking to see what other people’s experiences have been and how they decide whether to click that ‘Checkout’ button. Unfortunately, it’s common knowledge that there’s an abundance of bogus reviews online and they’re becoming harder and harder to weed out from the genuine. So can we really trust what we read online? The evidence doesn’t look promising. That’s why we use Trusted Shops as our chosen trust brand. With no space for fake reviews and only stores that meet strict criteria being eligible for the trusted shops badge, our customers can shop with confidence. For more information on why we use Trusted Shops, click here [1]

All individual reviews are handled by our community support representatives, and often people end up ordering a hair test that does not have the same scientific backing that blood tests do. Before making a purchase, kindly contact customer care through live chat or via email and explain exactly what you’d love to get tested for; this way, we will recommend you the most accurate test kit for what you’d love to test. If you’d like to check out the information for yourself, we have lots of articles with scientific backup explaining which tests are good for various conditions.

Our reviews from the last 12 months

Our reviews from the last 12 months

Test your intolerance boasts a stellar record when it comes to Food Intolerance Test Reviews. You can check the customer confidence for yourself.



Very good – do try for yourself

A bit nervous as some reviews are quite negative – but ordered, sent off hair and had results in a few days. Very informative and i’m elminating items to see if my symptoms improved. So far so good – already seen improvement.


Definitely worth it!!

It was great to get my results and knowing what foods to stay away from. What a difference it has made with how I feel now. Definitely worth it!! 👍 


Great service

Great service and I’m happy with the results. Tried a different brand but this gives more comprehensive results. Certainly recommended from this satisfied customer!


Test Your Intolerance is proud of making allergy and intolerance testing affordable and within reach of the public. Knowing your allergies and sensitivities allows an individual to take the relevant precautions as healthcare and medical facilities can be a problem if you’re travelling in some foreign land. Even if you’re not travelling, knowing your allergies and sensitivities can improve the quality of your life, especially if you’ve had symptoms for quite a while. No one wants to have pains and aches everyday without knowing the cause so as to avoid it.

Visit Test Your Intolerance for a complete understanding of the benefits the test will bring and how you can get rid of that persistent flu or stuffy nose. Our clients have reported a significant improvement in their lives, and they did even know how good it felt to live an allergen-free life.


Evaluating Results

Sometime, people tend to mix sensitivity tests for some known allergies using an unreliable method and when they get contrasting results, they can be a bit disappointed in the service. We suggest using a consistent approach when it comes to testing for intolerances. Blood tests should always be compared with blood tests, and hair tests can be compared with hair tests from other manufacturers.

Each test we undertake is assessed by our scientific development team and laboratory managers. Before taking the test kit, the team will inform you about each of the performance and shortcomings of the kit so you’ll be able to make an informed decision when you decide which test kit you’ll be purchasing.


Our transparency

Test Your Intolerance believes in transparency and customer satisfaction; your community support representatives will respond to all your queries if you can’t find answers through the comprehensive FAQs available online. If you ever feel unsatisfied with the test you can use the live chat option or email to claim your money back. But we assure you the best of services. If you inquire about the purpose of these tests, you will get the best advice from our team about which kit will work best for you. For example, you can’t get a hair test for allergies, that doesn’t work.

We offer 24/7 customer care chat where you can have any queries answered in whichever language you prefer. You can chat with us from before you make your order to after your after and throughout your wellness journey. We care about your wellness and we would love to be part of it every single step of the way.



What can we say, we know we’re great! Our food intolerance test reviews are accurate, honest and up to date, our customer surveys are proudly displayed on the Test Your Intolerance site, and we are the UK’s highest-rated allergy testing company from Trusted Shops. We’re also double award winners at the East Midlands Chamber so when you choose a test from us, you know you’re in safe hands.


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