The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Christmas Shopping - Test Your Intolerance

If you’re like the rest of the world, you’ve started planning your holiday shopping list. One of the leading choices for Christmas shopping this season is health. But how do you give health to someone? Does it still make a good gift compared to other options for presents? Below, we’ll show you how festive and healthy Christmas shopping can be and help you find the right things for the loved ones on your list!

The benefits of healthy Christmas shopping

Despite what you might be thinking, there are many benefits to focusing on Christmas presents that have a healthy purpose. Some of the main ones are below to help you see why it’s such a great idea!

It makes health accessible

Historically, health is hard to afford. It can often cost more than unhealthy food or drink and takes time to think about and plan for. In modern times, there are many helpful guides and appliances that make it easier to do. So, gifting someone with one of those things can make a positive difference.

It helps you learn good habits

Did you know that giving a healthy gift to a loved one can also teach you about healthy lifestyle changes? This is great when looking specifically at changing your health for the better. It’s pretty exciting to know that healthy Christmas shopping can benefit you as much as the ones you are shopping for!

It shows you care

This is a huge benefit that often gets overlooked. When you gift someone a healthy present, it shows that you care about their well-being and health. You are giving them a step in a healthy direction that will make for a better long-term lifestyle. That can mean a lot, especially in combination with the gift itself. Also, the turn of the year often brings a dedication to good habits, so why not give them a headstart with a healthy Christmas gift?

What are the best healthy Christmas presents?Healthy Christmas Gift Idea

What are the best gifts for someone you love with a health-oriented focus? It does depend mainly on who you are shopping for, but here are some great general health ideas to get you started!

General allergy testing

Food allergies and environmental allergies are on the rise in children and adults in the UK. To help demystify the frustration of allergy symptoms, general allergy testing can be a wonderful, thoughtful gift for a loved one who needs it.

Basic intolerance testing

Food intolerances can create a lot of problem symptoms and reactions, too. Investing in basic intolerance testing can provide much-needed clarity on what is creating an adverse reaction in someone’s diet so that they can have a better relationship with food and long-term health in general.

Comprehensive allergy and intolerance testing

If you have a loved one who wants even more information, you’ll find that comprehensive allergy and intolerance testing can support them in learning how their body works and what it needs to cut for a better relationship with their body. This is also a great deal for those who want allergy and intolerance testing.

Advanced allergy and intolerance testing

Finally, you can look at something like our advanced allergy and intolerance testing for the health guru in your life who needs to know every last detail. Also, this is a great value package because it gives the best, most comprehensive look at allergies and intolerances.

Don’t forget your food choices

If you are hosting a holiday dinner for your loved ones, you can add a healthy spin to many calorie-rich dishes. Not only is this a wonderful health-oriented gift for those you’re inviting, but it’s also a gift for yourself! Statistically, many UK holiday dinners will lead each person to eat 6,000 calories on Christmas Day. Making a few adaptions can help you end the guilt after indulging and do your body some good!

Even if you still want to enjoy a delicious holiday dinner, make one or two swops. You can do this with the most decadent calorie-laden dishes only. This helps you make a positive change for everyone enjoying dinner with you. The odds are that they won’t even notice or, even better, will truly appreciate what you are doing for everyone! On top of your healthy Christmas shopping, this makes for a great season. Plus, it will be oriented around the proper focus.

Now that you have all the guidance and motivation to get into a healthy holiday, you just need to put it to work and see how much it improves your holiday outlook! It shows you that sometimes, the little things make quite the difference.