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2023 Survey Review

2023 at Test Your Intolerance truly was a rollercoaster of a ride and a really successful one at that! Our commitment to progressing the health and wellness industry has allowed us to grow like no other year since our inception.

In 2023, the work we did was honoured on a global scale as we won the award of Intolerance Testing Company Of The Year. This award was achieved through the dedication of the team from top to bottom.

Also, in 2023, further expanding on the growth we achieved this year, over 1 million individuals worldwide entrusted us with their health through our comprehensive testing solutions.

Recognition from local business communities such as the East Midlands Chamber and Small Business further solidified our reputation as a trusted and valued contributor in our region.

Finally, 2023 was a year of great publicity, as we were showcased on both the BBC and ITV! Media coverage like this amplifies our reach and reinforces our reputation as industry experts.

Positive quotes from the survey


Everything was excellent thanks. I would recommend it, and already have done it. It was my Neice who recommended your service to me.

I referred 8 family members & hopefully more. I will always get checked every year!

My hair sample was lost, but Donna contacted me & I sent in another sample. The service is fine & works well.

Regarding the survey results:

23% of our customers reported noticeable improvements!

23% of people reported noticeable improvements in their health following the use of our tests. This shows the effectiveness and the importance of what we do. Statistics like this drive us to continue our incredible work!

46% of people said they would recommend our testing

Encouragingly, 46% of people indicated they would be more than willing to recommend our tests to their friends and family. This further consolidates the immense value our tests can provide and how much of an impact they can have on your life.

56% of people said they recieved their test on time

A resounding 56% of people expressed satisfaction with the prompt delivery of our tests and were pleased with how quickly they received their results. We pride ourselves on our amazing customer service, and the systems in place ensure you receive your results on time.