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Wow. News has recently hit the headlines in America that famous singer Ariana Grande has got a tomato allergy. This shows that no one is SAFE from allergies OR food intolerances, regardless of how well you look after yourself! The fact that Ariana has developed an allergy is not that surprising, but a tomato allergy?! Whaaaaat?! See how an intolerance test could help below:

What’s happened?

As she was looking to embark on her world tour, Ariana Grande has had to cancel her tour dates because of an allergic reaction to tomatoes! Causing her throat to swell, this tomato allergy clearly had a severe impact on the singer. Have you ever experienced symptoms anything like this when you’ve eaten tomatoes? If so, it is time you got checked out! If it swelling that you have experienced, then a food allergy is likely to be the case, but if you are experiencing bloat, headaches, fatigue or anything similar, then it could be that food intolerance is needed.

Anyone can have an allergy to anything

Singer Ariana posted on her Instagram explaining her dismay, but she is on the mend. It is a good thing that it was caught as food allergies can be life-threatening, unlike food intolerances which cause uncomfortable symptoms. But how did this happen? Many people think that food intolerances and allergies are actually a result of developing them at childhood, but they can appear at any stage! You could have eaten them all your life, as Ariana did, but it did not stop her from developing a food allergy to them. You can find out if you have a food allergy to tomatoes or intolerance to tomatoes with an intolerance test here.

Common food allergies and intolerances

Tomatoes are not the most common of food allergies or intolerances, but as Ariana has shown, they are still possible. The most common intolerances include peanuts, fish, shellfish, and nuts. Wheat and gluten are also common intolerances. If you suspect you have an allergy and one of our allergy tests has indicated this, then you can consult a Health Professional immediately. More information on the symptoms you can experience from intolerances are here. If you would like an intolerance test, please click here.

Could an intolerance test help? Yes!

Don’t leave your food allergies and food intolerances here, discover the potential causes here!