Peanut Allergy & Possible Treatment | Test Your Intolerance

Yes, Test Your Intolerance are just as excited about the title of this article as you are! In fact, we will say it again… experimental treatment has shown promise for people who are suffering from a peanut allergy. Especially, as up to 80% of patients were able to tolerate consuming one peanut (or more) after they had completed their immunotherapy. Do you know anyone suffering from a peanut allergy? Show them this and point them towards an allergy test, and also a trial! 

Is there really a peanut allergy cure?

We will keep saying this, an experimental treatment may eventually change the lives of children who have been affected by a peanut allergy. As peanut is one of the most common food allergens, this potential treatment could stop so many people from suffering in the future! We must stress that this is only a potential treatment and people with a peanut intolerance or peanut allergy should not be consuming peanuts without seeking the advice of a health professional.

Unfortunately, when growing up, families who contain people that are suffering from peanut allergies will likely pass it on to their youngest, but this could soon change. Peanut allergy is often found by mistake. One example would be of a young child finding their way into a jar of peanuts unwittingly. This child would then present themselves with a plethora of allergy symptoms, including wheezing, tiredness, fatigue and skin rashes. Swelling and if untreated, anaphylactic shock, are major signs of an allergy.

What effect does peanut allergy have on families?

Peanut allergies can take a severe toll on the person suffering, as well as their family. We hope this is not a false dawn, as it could be a life-changer. There has been cause for concern recently, with the number of people suffering from allergies increasing constantly. People cannot identify why the number of people suffering is increasing, but if there is a cure for food allergies (WHICH THERE IS NOT), then it is something we can look forward to.

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