Elimination Diet in the New Year | Test Your Intolerance

It’s the start of a new year and most of us are planning to make this one different somehow. Of course, I’m talking about new year’s resolutions. And the most common kind of new year’s resolution is health-related. January sees a major influx of gym sign-ups, new diets and empty pubs. Have you considered an elimination diet guided by a food intolerance test to drive your new year’s health goals? It could be just what you need to finally get that healthier life you’re after.

How the Elimination Diet can Help

An elimination diet is a diet you would begin following a food intolerance test. The diet is as simple as removing those which the intolerance test identifies as problem foods or foods that you are intolerant to. The diet should last for at least four weeks, to fully remove the items from your body.

Eliminate bloating for good

Bloating is one way that our bodies tells us that something isn’t quite right. No-one who’s 100% in tip-top shape experiences regular bloating. Bloating can be caused by various factors but ultimately, it’s due to excess gas in your digestive system. An intolerance test led elimination diet can help you by removing problem foods that may have been causing this bloating.

Reduce fatigue

Another symptom of a food intolerance is fatigue. If you are too fatigued to get through your regular day, you’ll not be energised enough for any additional exercise or meal preparation to improve your health further. Plus, fatigue shouldn’t be a regular part of your life, it’s another sign that something’s wrong and needs changing.

Clear up headaches

An elimination diet can help clear up your headaches for good. Along with fatigue and bloating, headaches are a common sign that you’re suffering from a food intolerance. A diet without those problem foods which are likely to be causing chronic headaches can help you clear up those headaches for good.

All of these symptoms can stop you from not only losing those few extra pounds you might have put on over the holidays but to also prevent you from making this year a healthier, more prosperous year for yourself. Get an intolerance test to inform your elimination diet and start your year off on the right track.