Our Scientific Blood Tests | Test Your Intolerance

Blood testing is truly the gold standard of testing. With antibodies presenting within the blood, testing the blood helps you identify allergies and intolerance in the most accurate, reliable way. That way, you can be sure you’re not avoiding foods or substances unnecessarily or exposing yourself to potentially harmful allergens.

Our qualified, experienced blood-handling experts have access to state-of-the-art equipment in our laboratory at our ISO 9001 certified facilities, assuring you that your results are reliable and actionable to address the symptoms you’re looking to resolve. We have a range of 4 tests you can use to identify sensitivities to the most common allergies and intolerances you could be suffering from.

Allergy Screen Yes/No home test

Allergy Screen

Allergy screen is our lowest cost allergy test. This test will assess you for an allergy to 35 of the most common allergy items to produce the most cost-efficient test on the market. You will be tested against items including milk, peanut, egg white and soy. We use the latest ELISA testing technology, exploiting the state-of-the-art equipment to ensure you’re getting the most accurate results possible.

Your in-depth results are collated in an easy-to-understand report which is accompanied by a comprehensive guide to help you get the most from your bespoke results.

Intolerance screen test

Intolerance Screen

Intolerance screen is the leading blood intolerance testing kit on the market. Testing you against 63 carefully selected intolerance items, we assess you against the most common intolerances. This gives you the best chance of identifying the intolerances that make up your unique intolerance profile. By merely providing five blood spots, you will be able to identify foods that can cause you symptoms, including bloating, fatigue and vomiting.

You will receive your results in a PDF report, and you will also receive a guide on completing an elimination diet to remove the problem food from your diet to help you conquer your symptoms.




Choice 70 

A combined allergy and intolerance test, Choice 70 is a finger prick IgE & IgG4 test which will assess you against both 35 of the most common allergens and 35 of the most intolerances to give you the best chance of accurately identifying your unique allergy and intolerance profile. By testing for IgE and IgG4 antibodies, we can accurately report the substances that can be causing the symptoms you’re looking to eradicate from your life.

You can expect to receive your accurate results by email within seven working days of us receiving your sample at our laboratory. You will also receive our guide on how to complete an elimination diet.



Prime 110

Our most complete allergy and intolerance test will assess your allergies and intolerance against the 110 most common items; 38 allergens and 75 intolerances. This will help you identify any further intolerances you may have beyond the 35 tested in the Choice 70 for a complete intolerance profile. You will be assessed on state-of-the-art equipment by our qualified blood handling expert to ensure accurate results you can use to improve your health.

Your results are compiled into a report with explainers on each of the allergy and intolerance items, and you will receive a detailed guide on completing an elimination diet.

Allergy Testing & Intolerance Testing

Allergy testing & intolerance testing is a critical tool in understanding your body and symptoms you may be experiencing that are having a negative effect on your life. Allergy testing can help you identify substances causing you symptoms, including nasal congestion, difficulty breathing, headaches and skin problems. Intolerance testing can help you identify the foods and non-foods, causing you bloating, fatigue, nausea and diarrhoea. Find allergy testing and intolerance testing to suit your budget here.